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      To improve students’ ability and enrich extracurricular activities, the Postgraduates’ Association is recruiting volunteers for an international conference on globalization to be held in BeiJing on April5. The qualifications for the applicants should have a strong professional spirit, cheerful personality and be aged under 35. In addition, applicants must have outstanding skills at English. Last but not the least is that these with relevant professional experience will be given priority. The postgraduates who are interested in taking part in it may sign up with the monitor of their classes before the end of this month. Everybody is welcome to join in it.

      Postgraduates’ Association

      May 5, 2010



      To celebrate the coming National Day, the Students’ Union has decided to hold an English speech contest in the university library on September 18.The Union will invite 7 experts to act as/serve as/work as judges. The speaker will have to finish his speech within 10 minutes./The maximum time of each speaker is 10 minutes. Every speaker/candidate will be judged from the following three aspects: script, eloquence, and the reaction of the audience. The results will be announced on the spot. Those who/ The students who are intrigued with/interested in/ keen on it may sign up with the monitor of their classes before at the current weekend. Everyone is welcome to join in it.

      Students’ Union

      September 3, 2010



      【每日英語   英語二基礎詞匯-1
      【報名考試】mba是什么 mba考試科目有哪些


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