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      Dear Sir / Madam,

      I am_____(具體名字題目會給出). I am writing to you for the purpose of making a complaint about your_____ (具體事情題目會給出)

      Para 2:原因1;原因2。目前處境,要求

      As a matter of fact, you have caused a lot of hurt to me due to your carelessness as well as fault. First, it severely affects my normal work and living. Second place, you have brought a large amount of spiritual discomfort. For example, my normal sleep and rest can’t be assured as usual. Therefore, I strongly and firmly require your company to make a detailed explanation for me. In addition, I demand you should make sincere apology to me in person soon. At last, I wish you can seriously consider my requirements and reply to me in two days.

      Para 3:相信滿足要求

      I believe your company will consider consumers’ interest according your working style. I am looking forward to your answer.



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