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      2022考研择校小程序 助您解决择校问题


      To begin with, “No pains, no gains” should always be our motto in our life and work. Only those who are hard-working and brave enough to encounter difficulties of all sorts are most likely to reach the summit of success.


      In terms of our life, work and study, we will meet lots of trials. We must always face reality and have a second thought before we make our final decision. Success is also a process and needs to be realized step by step. As a proverb goes “Rome was not built within a day”. In short, hard-working spirit and a realistic attitude lead to success.


      Only by undergoing more adversities can young people develop strong personality and ability needed in the future, and only in this way can they eventually become winners in our competitive changing world.(倒装句式的使用)


      Persistence functions as an indispensable driving force to keep up our spirit and to assist us to fulfill our study and work.


      In my view, multicultures are extremely vital in ensuring a community's future development and prosperity.


      It goes without saying that education plays an irreplaceable role in our life. The sustainable development and prosper of a nation depends on the education and cultivation of the young generation.



      More regulations should be made and carried out by authorities concerned to punish environmental damage. In addition, individuals must work in joint efforts to create sustainable surroundings.


      I harbor the idea that it is of vital importance for people to realize that they are an integral part of nature, the destruction of which means the perishing of themselves.


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