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      來源:中公管理人    時間:2020-08-04 19:12:06

      ① 引言

      ?I am writing to express my dissatisfaction about…

      ?I write to make a complaint about…

      ?I would like to draw your attention to the problem that…

      ?I feel sorry to trouble you but I am afraid I have to request you to take corrective actions concerning…

      ?I regret to inform you it absolutely disappointed me that …

      ② 展開

      ?To be frank, in the first few weeks, I got on well with… However, recently, I have discovered that…

      ?This has put us to great inconvenience. Therefore, I am returning... and would greatly appreciate if you could replace it.

      ?I am totally upset with… and can not tolerate anymore.

      ?To my great regret, they become troublemakers and affect my life seriously.

      ?Honestly, at the beginning, I was quite satisfied with your service. To my great disappointment, yesterday I found that…

      ③ 結尾

      ?To solve this problem, some remedial actions should be taken before things get worse.

      ?To solve the unpleasant matter, I suggest making the following changes.

      ?I shall be grateful if you could consider my situation and improve it as soon as possible.

      ? I trust you will take my complaints seriously and look forward to hearing from you soon.

      ?I understand you will give immediate attention to this matter and reply at your earliest convenience.


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